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Crime and home invasions unfortunately are not a thing of the past. Many homeowners are taking advantage of what’s offered out there in services in order to keep their home and belongings safe. Plus some home owners insurance will give you special discounts by placing valuables in a safe and by installing a home security system. A quality safes Connecticut service provider can be helpful to find the best safe to meet your needs.

What are the Features of a Home Safe?
The lock of a safe is very important and a major component to safes. Locks basically secure the door of a safe from opening or from being opened. Combination locks are popular in safes as well as those with electronic key pads. Many still use safes that are only opened by a key.

The advantages of electronic key pad locks are it’s easy to use features. This can be advantageous to those who have poor hands sight or who have problems with their joints. More combinations are available in the combination locks and they can be more reliable than key pad locks.

As for safes that open with a key they are very simple. The downside is that the key has to be hidden in a very safe spot where the owner of the safe will easily remember. While duplicates of the key can be made they should only be given to those who are trustworthy.

What are the Best Features Found in a Burglar Safe?
Safes that are specially designed to keep out thieves are burglar safes. When deciding on a burglar safe it’s important for the customer to buy one that is designed to keep unauthorized opening for as long as possible.

Most robbers will use tools in order to open a burglar safe. These tools can include torch, drills and even crowbars. It’s important to know the rating of a burglar safe before purchasing. Some of the better safes guarantee unauthorized opening from 15 up to 30 minutes.

What are the Best Features Found in a Fire Safe?
As many home alarms offer special features that notify homeowners in the case of a fire there are safes that are fire proof. A fire proof safe can protect firearms, cds, important documents, identifications and even cash from the destruction of a home fire.

A fire safe keeps the interior of the safe in a controlled environment if the outside temperatures increase. Most home fires can have heat ranging from 1300 degrees Fahrenheit and up. A fire safe needs to keep the interior at a maximum temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit for as long as possible in order prevent valuables from being destroyed.

This is down by the safes interior walls which are insulated and smoked sealed. Most fire safes have walls and doors that are one inch thick and some are even thicker depending on the safe’s rating.

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