What a Cloud Based Phone System Can Do for a Small Business

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Smaller businesses often struggle with some of the aspects of business that larger ones navigate with no issues. A phone network for the business is one of those issues that a small business may struggle with. When it comes to phone systems, you need to be sure you have one you can rely on. As a small business, you won’t have a lot to spend on this system. This is where a cloud based phone system can help.

When you use a phone system that is based on the cloud instead of in your physical location, you will be able to choose any phone number you want. If you want to offer a toll-free number, you can do that. However, if you want to focus on a specific region, even if it isn’t your own, you can choose a phone number using the proper area code so your customers can make a local call. This will give you great flexibility for your small business.

Sometimes even a small business requires multiple phone lines to operate efficiently. However, setting up multiple lines within your office or business can be difficult and expensive, especially for a small business. Using a cloud based phone system instead will allow you to have as many extensions as you need without having to upgrade the phone system in your business. This can be a much cheaper alternative because you won’t need to change anything at your physical business.

With your phone system, you will also be able to set up greetings for those who call your business. In some cases, you can even set up certain greetings to use at specific times. For instance, during business hours, the recording can thank people for calling and help them find the extension they need. After hours, the recording will change to include your operating hours so those who need to can call back when you are open and able to take their call.

Using a cloud based phone system makes a lot of sense, especially for a small business. You will be able to choose the area code for your phone number or choose a toll-free number. If you need multiple lines, a cloud based system can help you get that without spending too much money. Once you have your phone system set up, you will be able to customize your greetings and even change it depending on the time of day.