Services an Emergency Dentist in Woodbury Heights Can Provide

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Anything that is not causing pain and/or excessive bleeding is not considered a dental emergency. If you are bleeding from your mouth, experiencing severe pain, have suffered a jaw or mouth trauma, or have swelling, bulging, or knots on your gum line, an Emergency Dentist in Woodbury Heights is the place to go. Things like repairing broken dentures, loose crowns, or a chipped tooth can wait for 24 hours during your dentist’s regular office hours. What kinds of services do emergency dentists provide?

If you suffer from a trauma to the mouth or jaw where you lose a tooth, this requires immediate attention from a dentist. If you can find the tooth, pick it up by the top/crown and avoid touching the root. Rinse it with water, avoiding scrubbing off any tissue. If possible, replace the tooth into its socket, hold it in place by biting down, and get to your dentist. If placing the tooth in the socket is no possible, you can put it in a small cup or container of milk to preserve it until you can get to the dentist. An Emergency Dentist in Woodbury Heights can help re-plant the tooth as long as you get immediate attention and as long as the tooth is still viable.

A chipped tooth is not usually considered a dental emergency, but a fractured or cracked one is an emergency. If you fracture a tooth, make sure you clean out your mouth by rinsing with warm water. If you were hit or experienced trauma to the tooth, a cold compress can be applied to reduce the risk of swelling. If you have pain, you may take a pain reliever, except for aspirin, to reduce the pain level. Get to your Emergency Dentist in Woodbury Heights as soon as possible for treatment. They often use permanent or temporary crowns for the fractured tooth.

These are only two instances where an emergency dentist will be needed. They provide various types of services and treatments in these emergencies, according to the needs of the patient. A Cosmetic Dentist may be called in for some treatments to help with your dental problems. The dentists and staff at Deptford Family Dental offer caring support and services for emergency dental care.