Services Provided By Orthodontics in Destin FL

Taking care of your teeth and oral health is important to your overall general health. Problems with misaligned teeth, jawbone issues, and other problems that relate to the teeth and bone structure affect your ability to proper clean and take care of your teeth and gums. Orthodontics in Destin, FL are services that deal in straightening teeth, fixing misalignment in the jaw or teeth, and other issues that affect how your teeth grow. The following will discuss the primary services provided by an orthodontist.

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Early Detection

Getting your child’s teeth checked out by an orthodontist is important to their future jaw and tooth development. Detecting and treating this problems as early as seven years old can prevent future issues. An orthodontist will know how to proceed and what and when to treat problems that arise. Early detection and treatment can prevent things like jaw alignment problems, crooked teeth, overbite, under bite, and can fix protruding teeth or gaps between teeth.

Adult Care

Not everyone can get help with these issues when they are children or teens. Adult care can correct the same problems even though they are already problematic. The treatments will differ from those used with early childhood detection, but they are effective at preventing oral issues as you age. This kind of oral care helps correct crooked teeth, bite problems, issues with tooth enamel, headaches, jaw problems, and bone loss.


Braces are the most common treatment in Orthodontics in Destin, FL. and are used for children to adults for various tooth and jaw problems. No longer do you have only one option for braces since technology has provided choices for this kind of treatment. Clear ceramic braces, Invisalign aligners, conventional metal braces, and SmartClip braces are solutions available today. Braces along with other appliances may be fitted and used depending on the needs of the patient.

Surgery may be needed to correct some jaw and facial bone abnormalities. You should be prepared for some surgery if you have jaw or facial problems that cannot be corrected with braces or other appliances. Orthodontics also include retention of your tooth and jaw corrections. Your general dentist will inform you if you have need for orthodontics. Stubbs Orthodontics provides quality care for patients in the Destin, Florida area.

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