Signs that Your Air Conditioner in Reno Needs Repairs

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In many situations, the reason people call for service for their Air Conditioner in Reno is because the unit has completely stopped working. In order to avoid facing an emergency situation where you are left without any air conditioning, there are a few signs that you can look for. A list of the most common issues that are seen with air conditioners on the verge of a breakdown are highlighted here.

Excessive or Strange Noises

The modern air conditioner in Reno area is designed to run as efficiently and quietly as possible. If you have an AC system that has started to make more noises than usual, or noises that you have never heard before, you need to call in an expert to do a whole system check. There may be an issue with disconnected or loose parts, or you may have a unit that has a bad motor. It is important to listen to these telltale signs to ensure that your problem does not become any worse.

Reduced Airflow

The flow of air from your unit will vary somewhat due to the age of the filter. Experts recommend that you change your filter regularly to ensure a maximum level of air flow and to help with the overall air quality in your home. If you are in a situation where you have recently changed the filter, but you still have a reduced flow, then it is likely time to call in the professionals. In most cases, this will signify an issue with the unit in relation to the blower.

No Cool Air

The clearest sign that there is an issue with your AC unit is if you begin to notice that the system has begun to blow warmer than usual air. You may also notice that the system has taken longer than you expect to reach the desired temperature.

If you want to avoid complete breakdowns of your Air Conditioner, you need to call the experts right away. They can provide regular maintenance that will ensure your unit stays in great working order. This will also help to catch any potential issues before they become bigger problems.
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