What You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening in Moorestown

by | Jul 25, 2014 | Dental Services

Cosmetic enhancement is all the rage in the dentistry world today. One major spin-off of cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening in Moorsetown. Tooth whitening is the most reasonably priced way to achieve a movie quality smile.

According to statistics, Americans spend roughly $1.4 billion a year on teeth whitening products. The number of procedures has also increased by an incredible 300% in the last few years.

How Whitening Works

Most whiteners on the market are peroxide based. These peroxide compounds are able to whiten teeth through a process called oxidation. The peroxide can penetrate the tooth’s enamel inner aspect in a matter of minutes after application.

Complex organic molecules in the tooth are responsible for color. After applying peroxide, free radicals are released oxidizing color-producing compounds on the tooth’s enamel. On oxidization, the molecules left behind tend to reflect less light creating an elimination of discoloration -; whiter teeth.

Safety Concerns

Most literature confirms that peroxide-based systems are safe. The peroxide compounds have been used extensively in dental procedures safely for several years. The FDA does not regulate teeth whiteners since they are not classified as drugs. The ADA has also accepted the use of some products for bleaching.

Whitening Treatment Options Available

Teeth whitening in Moorsetown treatments are classified as either in-office or over-the-counter/in-store.

In-office treatment options include power whitening, where light is used to perform the whitening process. Light technology is called photopolymerization while the non-light technology involves the use of high-concentration hydrogen peroxide.

In-store options include:

  • Strips
  • Brush on
  • Trays

Factors Influencing the Whitening Process

The main reason whitening results will vary from one person to another is because several factors will influence the process. While some factors are controllable, others are not. The factors will also vary from one patient to another and system used to the next. It is, therefore, difficult for one to make claims that they will satisfy all conditions of every individual who wants a whiter, brighter smile. Some of the primary factors are:

  • The original color of the teeth
  • Inherent and unique whitening potential
  • Clean teeth
  • Whitening agent percentage
  • Time the whitening agent is in contact with a tooth surface
  • Compliance
  • Oral habits

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