Slip-And-Fall Accidents on Icy Surfaces: An Accident Attorney in Wichita Can Help

Business owners must always keep safety in mind for their employees, clients, customers and other visitors. One aspect of this includes making sure that their sidewalks, parking lots and exterior stairways are not hazardous to walk on. In Wichita, falling temperatures can quickly turn wet surfaces into icy ones that may not be obvious to pedestrians. That can lead to a slip-and-fall accident that causes a serious injury. An Accident Attorney in Wichita can provide legal representation if someone is injured in this manner and does not receive a reasonable settlement offer from the organization’s insurance carrier.

Maintenance workers commonly put salt or calcium chloride pellets on icy surfaces to cause melting. That doesn’t mean the problem is resolved, however. Pedestrians should continue to be careful when they see those pellets, as ice may be lingering under and around them. It’s not uncommon for a person to slip on ice even when the maintenance crew has made an attempt to make the area safe. Business owners are responsible for this situation and are liable if a person is injured due to icy surfaces. Sometimes an owner or manager has the crew set up caution signs to alert pedestrians of the slippery surface, but that does not absolve them from responsibility if someone suffers an injury there.


The insurance company may try to use actions such as the setting up of caution signs and the placement of ice-melting materials against a person who had a slip-and-fall accident. A firm such as Prochaska, Giroux and Howell, LLC of Wichita provides a Prochaska, Giroux & Howell LLC to evaluate a potential plaintiff’s case. If the person cannot travel to the firm because he is still recovering, the attorneys offer an email evaluation.

Wichita can have icy weather conditions as late in the winter season as mid-April. Business property owners and their maintenance personnel must be alert to the possibility that the concrete and asphalt surfaces outside have become slick when rain has fallen and the temperature drops below freezing. Sleet can quickly turn a sidewalk or parking lot into a surface similar to a skating rink. An Accident Attorney in Wichita helps people who have been harmed because of slip-and-fall accidents on icy surfaces.