Speak to One of the Child Custody Lawyers in Harrisburg Before There’s a Problem

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When you’re separating from your partner and you have a child in common, be sure you have an agreement in place that states who will watch the child on what days and what money should be paid to the primary caregiver, if any. While this may seem easy enough, in many cases, it’s more than just coming to an agreement and writing it out on paper. Since it’s hard to tell what the future may hold, in every child custody case it’s best to speak with one of the Child Custody Lawyers Harrisburg has available or visit website for more help.


While you may agree on a custody and visitation schedule now, what happens if that changes in the future? If you cannot get along as a couple, can you guarantee that you will always get along in the future, even if your partner is with a new person you don’t like? Many people don’t like to think about this, but it’s important to do so. You will want to make sure that your child custody agreement is drawn up by a lawyer so that if something happens in the future and you have a problem with the agreement, there is a legal avenue you can follow to fix the problem. If your agreement is not written and signed by a judge, you may have to start from the beginning with an agreement if your arrangement needs to be changed.

By going through the court system, a fair child support amount and schedule will be created if necessary. This is usually the case where one parent has primary or sole custody, and the other parent must give them money to help support the child. If you do not go through the courts for this, then if the other parent does not pay you do not have any recourse. With a legal agreement signed by a judge, their wages can be garnished or they can be arrested for failing to follow the court ordered agreement.

If you’re separating from your partner, you will need to have a child custody agreement or child support payment agreement drawn up. Speak with one of the Child Custody Lawyers Harrisburg has available, such as Serratelli Schiffman & Brown P.C Harrisburg., so that you can ensure that your agreement is legally sound. You’ll also be able to make sure that you have some recourse if anything changes.