What to do After an Auto Accident in Terre Haute IN

by | May 24, 2014 | Law Services

No one likes the idea of being involved in an auto accident. The experience is usually unnerving, even when the damage is minor. After alerting the police and talking with an insurance agent, it is often a good idea to have a word with an attorney. This is especially true if there are any indications that some sort of legal action may be necessary.

Why People May Need Legal Representation

One of the main reasons that a person would need legal representation is to pursue damages related to the accident. This is especially true if some type of injuries were sustained, and ongoing medical care will be required. The attorney can evaluate the specifics of the Auto Accident in Terre Haute IN and determine what must be done to file claims for damages.

Managing the Settlement Process

It is not unusual for insurance companies to make attempts to settle with claimants. All discussions related to the Auto Accident in Terre Haute IN, including offers for settlement, should be directed to the attorney. The representatives from the insurance company will seek to settle for the lowest amount possible. They will also be on the lookout for any offhand remark that could be used to indicate the injured party was partially responsible. Rather than running the risk of hurting the case, it is best to refer all attempts for settlement or discussion to the attorney. Doing so makes it easier to focus on recovery and not feel pressured into signing anything. In addition, the attorney will seek the maximum amount of compensation that the situation merits and that current laws allow. Knowing what to do after a serious auto accident can be difficult for many people.

Outside of filing a police report and contacting an insurance agent, not everyone knows what to do next. Rather than trying to navigate the process alone, it is best to call a legal professional like Dan McGlone. From there, it will be much easier rest easy knowing that there is someone who can explain how filing claims works, what is involved in seeking a settlement, and even what to expect if the matter should escalate to seeking damages in a court of law.

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