Steps To Take After A Wreck In Daytona Beach Leaves You Dazed

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An automobile accident can happen in the blink of an eye, sending a normal day suddenly spinning out of control. Truthfully, most automobile accidents are petty nuisances. A scraped fender or a cracked bumper may be the extent of things. But on those awful days when a bad accident causes a backup on the freeway or your car goes skidding out of control, you may end up in the hospital.

Upon further reflection of the accident, you may realize you did nothing to cause the accident. The police officer who wrote up the accident may have cited the other driver for driving recklessly, DUI, or a number of other reasons, leaving you to wonder why they were even on the road that day. Anger is a perfectly normal reaction, along with confusion and frustration about what should do next. In many cases, your next step should be to find a car accident in Daytona Beachto take a look at the circumstances.

While the insurance company for the other driver should take care of all your medical bills, they may react in one of two ways. They may be hesitant to pay the bills, dragging their feet about paying anything and taking responsibility for the accident. On the other hand, they may quickly jump up and take responsibility and offer a settlement to you. While that seems awfully generous of them, you may be short-changed by them in their effort to seem magnanimous.

Instead of taking their “generous” offer, you should have a personal injury attorney handle all correspondence between you and the other party’s insurance company. This will ensure their offer is truly respectable and worthy of the injury you suffered. In addition, the settlement should take into consideration any amount of lost time you may have missed from work and any future rehabilitation you may need to completely recover.

By consulting with an attorney, you cover all of your bases and make sure your financial needs are handled completely and you’re not left owing anything from the wreck that was not your fault. The initial consultation is typically free, and the attorney can let you know if you have a strong enough case to pursue.