Uses for Breakaway Safety Vests

by | Aug 30, 2013 | Shopping

When it comes to safety, a little prevention towards protection can mean the difference between saving a life and experiencing a tragedy. It is always better to not skip corners when it comes to safety and to wear proper equipment during situations that could be dangerous. One item that has saved many lives and prevented numerous accidents is breakaway safety vests. Many companies hand these out to employees like candy because they really can save a life.

These vests are not bullet proof, but they still have a great purpose when it comes to safety and preventing accidents. The main benefit of these is they make a person more visible. They do not offer physical protection like a helmet or safety glasses would, but they offer visual protection which can lessen the chance that a person will be hurt because someone did not see or notice them. They are usually made in bright yellow, bright orange, bight pink, or white. They may have reflective tape or designs on them to make them even more noticeable.

There are many uses for this vest. People who work around heavy equipment, machinery, and vehicles wear them so that they can be seen and noticed. This lessens the chance that they will be run over by co-workers who are controlling the big equipment or vehicles. People who ride bicycles wear these so that drivers notice them and do not run them over. Sometimes these vests are also worn by walkers, joggers, and other people who work out where people drive, and those who workout after dark so they can easily be spotted.

Another group of people who use brightly colored breakaway vests are hunters. Sneaking around in the woods and in brush can lead to them being mistaken for deer or animals that are being hunted. Hunters wear these so that other hunters do not mistake them for an animal and shoot them by accident. Other people who wear these may be security officers, so that they can easily be spotted in the crowd by those who needs them, as well as other security guards.

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