Take Your Entire Family to This Private Restaurant in Rockville for a Great Meal

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Families with younger children can often feel like they need to pay a babysitter to go out for a nice dinner, since not all restaurants offer an atmosphere that is welcoming to all ages. This can make it difficult for the entire family to enjoy a nice meal out together, as well as adding expense to the cost of the meal. It is nice to know that there is a private restaurant in Rockville that welcomes your entire family, no matter what their ages are.

This means the private restaurant in Rockville better have a menu that can please any age group. The Potomac Grill has just such a menu. The adults will be able to choose from a variety of cocktails to enjoy with their appetizers, along with a nice wine list to choose from to accompany their meal. Let the kids enjoy that crab dip while the parents sip your cocktails.

Now, the entire family can choose from the large menu. Maybe the adults would enjoy one of the fresh seafood choices. This includes a Cajun seafood pasta, stuffed salmon or a tasty bayou jambalaya, along with many other choices. The younger ones might decide on the meatloaf or great tasting crab cakes. If not, there are plenty of other dishes to choose from.

For those looking to share a meal in private, this restaurant has two different rooms that are perfect for large groups. One can hold up to thirty people and even has a large flat screen TV that the group can watch a sporting event on, or it can be used as a computer for a presentation. The second private dining room can hold from thirty-four to sixty people and offers a fireplace for added ambiance during your meal. You and your guests are free to choose from the menu, or have a wonderful buffet set up for everyone to choose from.

No matter what the event or the size and ages of the people joining you for your meal, this locally owned restaurant will see to it that everyone is left happy and full. They are open seven days a week and are open until eleven at night on the weekends to allow you to enjoy your great meal at whatever time is convenient for you.