Types of Health Insurance in Katy, TX

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Most people have auto and home insurance, but many people neglect to get the health insurance they need until it is too late. While some people do have health plans through their employers, those who don’t need to choose their own health policies. Having this type of insurance can be extremely beneficial in the event of a medical emergency, and will cover such things as medical treatments, diagnostic testing, prescription drugs. Depending on the type of plan, dental coverage may also be available, but it is often expensive to add this coverage.

Those who have group health insurance in Katy, TX are those who have health plans through their employers. One of the greatest advantages to these plans is that those who have coverage don’t need to have medical exams, and won’t pay higher rates due to health issues. In fact, employees can’t be denied coverage in a group plan, because insurance companies are legally barred from doing so. This is one of the least expensive forms of health insurance one can get, but not all employees at all companies are offered coverage.


Many people choose to have an individual health plan. While these are more costly than other plans, they do offer many benefits. They can choose their own doctor, and those with this coverage can choose how much they want to pay for a deductible and co-payments. Another option is fee-for-service coverage, which is expensive but does offer some benefits, such as the ability to use any doctor no matter where they are located. Those who choose this type of health insurance in Katy, TX can see specialists without needing referrals from their primary physicians.

Less expensive Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans are available, and the coverage offered in these plans is comprehensive. Premiums are low, and there is no deductible, but those with this coverage are required to co-pay. Another similar option is Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans. These are a lot like HMO plans, but fees are lower when people don’t mind visiting doctors other than their primary care physicians. For more information about health insurance in Katy, TX.