If the marriage is definitely over, find an experienced divorce attorney in Wadsworth Ohio

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Children of divorced parents, particularly adolescents, are more likely to suffer problems in school and personal difficulties than children of intact families. Of course, this is not true of all children, but the possibility is one that divorcing parents should be aware of. Some problems that may be experienced are depression, increased aggression, sexual activity or substance abuse.

The divorce is normally the last step in a fractured relationship. The stress level in the home has probably been high for some time. After the separation or divorce, the custodial parent may have a sharply reduced income. The child may be coping with a move to a smaller home in a more dangerous neighborhood, loss of familiar support systems and a new school. In addition, the custodial parent may find it necessary to work long hours, spending less time with the child.

Effective parenting often includes joint decision-making with the child regarding various activities and household rules. Having a calm, low-stress atmosphere within the home is very helpful. Successfully dealing with the logistics of shared custody or visitations is very important. Most problems children experience occur during the first two years after the divorce. Fortunately, most children adjust and adapt to the new situation.

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