Teeth Whitening in Howell is One of Many Services Provided in a Dental Office

Teeth Whitening in Howell is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. People know that they are judged by their appearance and they want to make a good one. When people find out a family member or best friend is getting married, they know they will be in a lot of photographs. They want look good in these pictures that will last a lifetime. If they need teeth whitened quickly, they can opt for an in-office whitening procedure. In just 90 minutes the dentist can whiten teeth up to eight shades whiter. The dentist applies a bleaching gel to the surface of the teeth and then uses a safe laser to activate the gel. After 15 minutes he wipes the gel away. If needed, he can repeat the process two or three times.

Busy people know that dental care is important, but they sometimes struggle to fit it into their day. Finding a single dental office that provides many different services is the best way to make it more convenient. Howell Family Dental provides preventative care and regular dental checkups as well as Teeth Whitening Services in Howell. These procedure keep teeth healthy and bright. However even with regular cleanings, people can injure teeth in accidents. If this occurs, they will be seen promptly for emergency care including tooth extractions. Once the jaw has healed from that trauma Dental Implants can be used to fill the gap.

Some people aren’t comfortable with the idea of a 90-minute dental appointment, they prefer to use at-home whitening trays. The dentist takes impressions of the patient’s upper and lower teeth. These are used to make custom trays that are filled with bleaching gel. After evaluating the nature of the teeth stains and the patient’s tooth enamel, the dentist determines how long the trays should be warn each day. Custom trays are much more comfortable than the trays found in drugstore home whitening kits. They accommodate crooked or crowded teeth better and ensure that the whitening solution reaches all areas of the teeth. This process can take about two weeks. Teeth are usually six to eight times brighter after the patient completes the process.

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