The 4 C’s of Diamonds for Engagement Rings for Women

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Picking out the right engagement ring might be as easy as remembering the four C’s. When it comes to finding the best Engagement Rings for Women, you need to keep cut, carat, clarity, and color in mind. These four C’s will help you find the best diamond engagement ring for your particular budget.

Each diamond that is placed in an engagement is cut using a specific standard. The better the cut of a diamond, the more sparkle and shine it will produce. Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to determine if a diamond has a good cut or not.

People that are looking for a good cut when it comes to Engagement Rings For Women from Surat Diamond Jewelry Pvt Ltd  must rely upon a visual inspection of the diamond. A visual inspection will look at the type of cut that was used to create the diamond, the girdle or length between the facets, and quality of the cut.

After cut comes carat. Carats are the unit of measurement used to determine how large a diamond is in an engagement ring. The more carats a diamond has, the larger it is. However, the larger a diamond is in Engagement Rings for Women, the more it will cost.

Clarity is another of the 4 C’s and probably one of the most important when it comes to finding a good diamond for an engagement ring. Clarity is used to reference how many flaws a diamond has on it. The flaws can be found on the inside of the diamond or on the surface of the diamond. Clarity grades are given to a diamond and are given based on how visible the flaws are to the naked eye.

The last of the 4 C’s is color. All diamonds that are placed in Engagement Rings for Women from Surat Diamond Jewelry Pvt. Ltd will be given a color grade that ranges from D to Z. A D grade is given to colorless diamonds and a Z grade is often given to diamonds that have a slight yellow color. Most people who purchase diamond engagement rings look for colorless diamonds, as those tend to sparkle and shine more than those with a slight colored tint.