The Power of Fingerprint Biometric Technology

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The touch of a finger has become an even more powerful form of identification for today’s businesses. Employers that implement fingerprint time clocks have made innovative changes that make clocking in and out of work much more easier and more reliable. When biometric time and attendance tracking systems are in place, businesses save money by reviewing accurate, real-time figures that are compiled by cutting-edge technology. The process is fairly simple – all a business needs to do is install a biometric time clock and use web-based software provided by competent employee management system companies.

What is the Effectiveness of a Biometric Time Clock Solution?

In the world of time and attendance, ‘buddy punching’ happens quite frequently. Buddy punching is when a colleague takes the time card of another employee and clocks them in or out while that person is not present. When this happens even just a few times, it affects the bottom line of a company’s finances. Add up all the years this has taken place, and even those who only buddy punch a few times are significantly hurting a business. In order to keep this from happening, a business needs to install a biometric time clock that forces employees to log in and out by placing their finger on a scanner. It is much more difficult, if not impossible, for employees to clock in for others with this method of time management.

The Convenience of Clocking in via a Mobile App

For employees that are constantly on the road or work outside of an office, being able to clock in and out from geo locations is not only convenient, but also necessary. For these situations, a mobile time tracking app can be used. Current time management software allows an employer to set geo locations for employees that require them to be in an exact ‘hot spot’ in order to clock in and out. Being able to do this gives an employer the security and tools that are necessary to keep employees honest and under control. This new age of technology is ever-expanding and able to grow with your business. When you have advanced technology and trustworthy fingerprint time clocks in place, you can rest assure that your payroll figures are accurate and reliable, and that your work hour reports are dependable. Biometric fingerprint technology can help your company can sail into the future with financial security.

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