The Advantages of Completing A Medical PG In The USA

One of the challenges for any student considering a career in medicine is to choose the right university and education plan to maximize their potential. Unfortunately, many students only consider the cost of the MBBS, which may lead them to accept a seat in an MBBS program that will not prepare them to complete a medical PG in the USA.

No NEET & NEET-PG Requirement

There are several benefits to completing a medical PG in the USA. For students from India, an important consideration is the need to write and score in the required percentile in the NEET PG exam to move forward with their career. It is not uncommon for the competition to include as many as three lakhs students competing for 35,000 PG placement options. This number includes both clinical and non-clinical PG options, with the clinic branches accounting for only about half the number of total seats.

On the other hand, more than 87% graduates of Spartan Health Sciences University are matched in medical PG in USA known as Residency. This can only be completed when the students has also completed Green Book clinical rotations at an ACGME approved training hospital. Participating in an observership, which is offered by many colleges around the world, does not meet this requirement.

US Clinical experience gained during Clinical Rotations in ACGME Approved Teaching Hospitals in USA is the most important and decisive factor in getting medical PG in USA.


Students who complete a medical PG in the USA do not have to pay any fees. This is a definite advantage as students can also earn a minimum of $50,000 towards stipend while completing their medical PG, helping to offset the cost of tuition.

Completing a PG in the USA opens the door to becoming a doctor in America. It is also an advantage for graduates wishing to return to India or to seek employment around the world.

Students who complete medical PG in USA would find that they can directly register as PG Doctors in Indian and start their practice in India irrespective of the fact whether they appeared for NEET or not or even if they did not get eligibility in NEET. Students who complete medical PG in USA also do not have to appear for MCI Screening Test which is now going to called the NEXT Exam.

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