Two Key Differences in MBBS Colleges in America

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Students attending public or private schools in India often experience a true culture shock once they begin taking classes at MBBS colleges in America. The Indian and the American style of teaching at all levels is very different. This difference, along with the change in culture, can create challenges for Indian students.

The Application

Unlike India, academic scores are only a part of the application process to attend MBBS colleges in America. Students must submit a wide range of different documents and transcripts, but they also must complete application essays that are often on topics not related to academics.

Students will also have an in-person interview to qualify for the program. This may be completed through an online video platform or by phone, and sometimes in person if the student is in the United States.

A Different Focus

Students from India are often overwhelmed with the number of choices and options available when attending MBBS colleges in America. Unlike Indian programs of study, American students have mandatory courses to complete combined with an equal number of elective courses. This freedom to choose can make it difficult for Indian students to stay focused on the core academic programs.

The courses at these colleges are taught differently, with teachers assuming limited responsibility for ensuring students complete assignments and attend class. While some memorization is required, problem solving and creative solutions are also recognized in the American educational system. Students tend to have more free time, are encouraged to work together, and participate in group projects rather than remain highly competitive.

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