The Advantages of Offering Promotional Products at Your Trade Show Booth

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As a business owner, one of the smartest marketing decisions that you can make is to invest in various types of promotional products. No matter what you choose, from engraved pens to personalized koozies, these products will offer your business superior exposure to your preexisting customers, but can also help to spread awareness of your brand to other customers that may have not heard of you before.

There are a number of advantages of offering promotional products, with one of the biggest draws being the ability they have to create a lasting impression on recipients. There are some consumers that may lose the products quickly, but others will keep them in their cars, offices and homes for longer periods of time. While they may not even be aware they are even there, they are receiving constant exposure to your logo and name each time they use the product. Some of the advantages offered by using promotions products for your trade show exhibit displays are highlighted here.

They Remain with Customers for a Number of Months

No matter if you have given out a promotional calendar, or you provided t-shirts that have the company logo, they are probably going to be kept, and used, for a number of months. For example, in a recent study it was proven that promotional calendars ended up being kept for the longest period of time, while pens and other writing items were kept for the least amount of time.

Provide Greater Exposure with Longer-Lasting Products

When you provide promotional products that are perceived to have more use by customers, they will be kept for a longer period of time. As more and more people keep these items, businesses are able to ensure that their advertisements are going to be seen time and time again. Additionally, even if the items sit on the dash of a vehicle or a desk, each time someone sees the logo on the item, they will receive another impression of your brand.

Consumers Pass On Items that are not Used

There is no question that a consumer will not keep every single item they receive; however, in these situations they are often passed on to someone else, further increasing the notoriety of your brand.

There are a number of benefits offered by giving out promotional products at a trade show. Take time to carefully consider the product you want to offer in order to have the most substantial impact on current and potential customers.

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