Three Tips for Antique Rug Repair in New York City

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Many people possess antique rugs that they use to decorate their floors. Whether they were purchased by the person themself, or the item was handed down from a relative, it needs to be treated with care. Due to their age, these rugs can become damaged quickly and easily. Anyone with a damaged rug will need to have it repaired. Here are three rug repair tips in New York City.

Use Antique Materials

Antique rugs were made with high quality materials during the time period they were created in. In order to properly repair the rug in today’s day and age, those same materials need to be used. Adding modern materials to an old-style rug will alter the overall quality and appeal. It will no longer be a true antique. Using antique materials on an antique rug will help keep its charm and style.

Follow the Proper Steps

A newer rug can be quickly repaired. An older one, however, will take a lot of time and effort. It is important that the proper steps are followed when it comes to rug repair. First, the rug will need to be re-weaved. Then, the right age of wool will need to be gathered. Afterward, the design can be crafted and the dyes can be chosen. The dead pile then needs to be removed and any excess should be sheared. After all the steps are taken, the rug will be complete as soon as the finishing touches are made.

Custom-Dye the Wool

In order for the rug to truly look the same as it used to, the wool being used will have to be dyed. A custom-dye will ensure that the wool matches the old colors exactly. This will make sure the rug is not simply being fixed up, but it actually being restored to exactly how it looked before. This will help it keep its antique quality and uniqueness.

Antique rug repair in New York City entails a lot of work. Those in charge of the restoration need to be sure they are following these three tips for a quality job. Anyone currently requiring rug repair of their antique rug can visit The Golden Horn. They use quality materials and custom-dying, ensuring all rugs are restored to their former glory.