The Benefits of an Aerobic Septic Tank System

For those who live in this part of Texas, an Aerobic Septic Tank System is the most common choice for system replacement and new home construction. While these systems have been in use for several decades, they’ve become more commonplace in Texas since the 1990s. In this guide, area homeowners will learn some of the benefits of aerobic septic systems.

They Offer a Higher Treatment Level Than Standard Septic Tanks

With aerobic septic systems, the treated effluent (wastewater) is cleaner by the time it reaches a distribution point. By comparison, with standard absorptive fields, most of the treatment happens within the soils immediately beneath the drain field. By choosing an aerobic system, there’s less risk of groundwater contamination.

They Can Be Installed in Clay or Rocky Soils

An aerobic system is easier to install on properties without suitable soil, such as that with a high rock or clay content. Because most effluent treatment happens within the unit, these systems have looser soil criteria for wastewater handling.

They Can Be Put in Challenging Places

Even if the soil is suitable, other criteria, such as setback requirements and available access, must be met. Many times, lots are large enough for standard systems, but access is restricted for various reasons. Here, an Aerobic Septic Tank System is a flexible, viable choice.

They’re a Green Choice

The water used in a home’s sinks, bathtubs, showers, dishwasher, laundry room, and more, is recycled to water the lawn. In an aerobic system, water is treated before it’s applied to the lawn via connected sprinkler heads. An aerobic system will conserve resources and help a homeowner save money.

Maintenance is Crucial

An aerobic septic system is more complicated than a standard septic tank setup, and it must be checked three times per year to ensure proper function of all components. Homeowners should never try to service these systems themselves. Keeping the system well maintained and using it properly will help it achieve the highest possible level of treatment. Call today to schedule service or visit the experts at to learn more about aerobic septic system options. You can also connect with them on Facebook.