The Benefits of Playing Mah jongg for Older People

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Mah jongg is a game which requires a high level of intelligence and concentration. It can be difficult to master, but it has never been easier to learn. Once you know the mah jongg rules and your basics, you can be sure to excel when playing this captivating game. Mah jongg also has many benefits, and it can be great at improving your mental capacity. Whether you play for fun, for experience or for skill, it’s never been easier to set up your own game.

Mah jongg Is Great for Improving Memory Loss

Some researchers say that mah jongg has the ability to improve the cognitive spectrum of those with dementia. Because it requires such a high level of concentration, planning and calculation, it is very effective at sharpening memory. Even if you skip playing for a month, you will still feel the heightened ability of your memory.

Improving Your Cognitive Abilities

Mah jongg can be a great way to improve your cognitive abilities. It works the same as a crossword puzzle, and it can also help to train your brain when reacting to fast paced decisions. This can benefit you in many ways. You will feel sharper. More alert and not to mention your cognitive skills will also get a boost. Mah jongg is always a fun game to play, so what better way to improve your mental focus.

Socializing Features of Playing Mah Jonng

Mah jongg is a great game to play with friends. Mah jongg doesn’t require a special level of ability to play. A beginner can easily play with an expert and not feel as though that a loss is inevitable. You can play with up to five people, and this makes it great for group socializing. Many nursing homes choose to install mah jongg tables in socializing areas, as you can play your game without overly conversing with over players. Much like chess, it’s all about concentration and planning, which makes it great for those who prefer skill games over chance. Whatever your reason for playing mah jongg, you can be sure to reap the benefits. Whether you play weekends, every day, or for tournaments, there are many customized sets you can purchase to make the game more accustomed to your playing style.

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