The Benefits of Using Comprehensive CPA Exam Review Materials

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Most people don’t realize there is a difference between an accountant and a CPA, but there is. CPAs must go to college and pass, but they also have to get a year’s worth of experience, prepare for the exam and then take the exam and pass. This means they are fully trained and have the experience necessary to handle your accounting needs.

If you are considering becoming a CPA, you will need to become an accountant first, and then continue to work hard and take the CPA exam. This means you will need some review materials, and they should be comprehensive to ensure you get the best study material to pass the test.

Better Positions

CPAs are highly sought after because they have more skills than a regular accountant and they understand more difficult aspects of the accounting field than others. These people have a lot more opportunity to find a better job and be paid what they are worth.

Many CPAs don’t just manage accounting situations in the office, they are also tax advisors, help with business strategy, assist with investments and offer financial advice. This is more responsibility and can lead to an impressive resume.

Taking the CPA exam will require about 400 hours of study and preparation. This study will cover many topics that will look into every aspect of accounting from regulations to reporting.

Subjects Studied

There are many subjects studied, but the four most important ones include regulation, financial accounting and reporting, auditing and attestation, and business environment and concepts. For many of those wanting to take the CPA exam, they are currently employed as accountants and think they may know everything required for the exam, but this is not so. Most of the topics will be new concepts that must be learned. In some cases, the subjects were included during the coursework at their college, but some of the theories covered may not have been used during a person’s average daily routine.


Accountants can earn a lot of money, but those with a CPA certification can have their salaries increased by up to $20,000. This is mainly because many CPAs are trusted with many business secrets and are considered more trustworthy than a regular accountant. This isn’t to say that an accountant can’t make a good career, because they can. However, if you want more responsibility to take the next step on the career ladder, the CPA certification is your answer.