The Best Toy Haulers Des Moines IA

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Toy Haulers are taking the market by storm as the latest recreational vehicles with a great source of fun. A typical hauler has living and sleeping quarters. The back of the unit is meant to haul motorcycles, ATVs and other toys that will be required in the next destination. For the best toy haulers Des Moines IA, contact Imperial RV Center.

Preparation for a Trip

Before you embark on a trip, make sure that the toy hauler is ready well in advance. The recreational cargo should be fastened to the trailer’s floor to prevent frequent side-to-side movement that could damage or destroy cargo carried. During the transportation, all windows should be securely closed, all vents awnings and antennae should be put in the right position. Just before departing, confirm that the tire pressure is intact. Bring along the tools that will facilitate the changing of a flat tire.


A toy hauler is pulled differently from all the other travel trailers. Take good care of the extra weight at the back to avoid damaging the cargo. There should be enough distance allowed especially when stopping and all sharp corners should be negotiated at low speeds. A specialized controller wired to the tow is needed to backup the electric brakes in stopping the trailer.

Destination Setup

At the destination, enough room should be left at the back of the trailer so that the ramp gate is extended. The allowance also accommodates awnings. The stability of the hauler is achieved using the jack stands that make it possible to unload the cargo safely. Before unloading, the stands should be on or the toy hauler should be strongly hitched to a vehicle to prevent it from tipping back.


Maintenance helps to retain the structural integrity of the toy hauler. Check the hauler’s tires and wheel bearings and replace them appropriately before any trip. Winterization of the hauler is required before the toy hauler can be stored in cold climates. The plumbing system is cleaned and filled with antifreeze.

Imperial RV Center has a diversified stock of all the toy haulers required for absolute fun. There are new and used models which have been revamped for maximum performance. The center also has other services, parts and accessories for all types of recreational vehicles. It is the undisputed leader in the supply of the best toy haulers Des Moines IA.