The Benefits Offered by an Animal Hospital in Honolulu

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A pet clinic has the staff and facilities to ensure that your animal stays healthy throughout their life. Facilities such as Gentle Vets Hawaii Kai Pet Hospital are especially effective, because they provide services that include:

* EMERGENCY CARE: You can call an

* Animal Hospital in Honolulu

* at any time of the day or night and a staff member will help you determine whether your pet has a serious problem. They explain how to deal with minor problems or provide measures that help your pet while they are on the way to the vet with serious issues. Hospitals are equipped to handle a variety of emergency procedures including surgery, poison treatments, lacerations, and fractures.

* WELLNESS PLANS: You can use an Animal Hospital in Honolulu for routine care. They provide wellness programs that monitor animal health and ensure that pets get immunizations, flea and tick treatments, and dental care. Vets provide spaying and neutering services and work with animals during pregnancies. Regular exams allow them to detect problems before animals show any signs of distress.

* DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT: Vets can confirm diagnoses and detect complex problems using state-of-the-art equipment that includes EKG’s, blood clotting machines, endoscopes, and labs. An Animal Hospital in Honolulu may include advanced veterinary imaging equipment that allows them to perform ultrasounds and CAT scans. They can often locate organ problems within seconds.

* PAIN MANAGEMENT: Since animals cannot explain where they hurt, the vets at an Animal Hospital in Honolulu specialize in locating and eliminating pain. They look for conditions such as orthopedic problems, dental issues, wounds, and more. Professionals use imaging, blood chemistry, and their own experience to find sources of pain. Solutions can include surgery, dental work, and medications.

* PUPPY AND KITTEN CARE: Clinics offer wellness plans to new pet parents. These programs ensure that their kittens or puppies are routinely examined, get scheduled immunizations, and are eating and exercising correctly. Clinics offer help with animal behavior and provide special options such as Puppy Kindergarten, which helps socialize young dogs.

When you take your pets to a full-service veterinary clinic animals are cared for by an experienced team. Animal hospitals also offer 24/7 help, wellness care, pain management options, and puppy and kitten programs.