The Facts about Pediatric Dentists in Collegeville

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The advantages of using Collegeville dentists who specialize in taking care of children’s teeth are numerous. Unless you’re a new parent and are not familiar with what distinguishes a general dentist from a pediatric dentist, you will never understand what these professionals can offer your children. General dentists go through four years of regular dental school, but pediatric dentists complete an extra two years of a pediatric dental residency program, including the treatment of infants, young children and adolescents.

Providing pediatric dental care means a dentist is uniquely qualified to take care of the dental health of a child from infancy to the age of 18. Oral hygiene includes taking care of gums and teeth of a child. Regular dental care is important throughout the life of a child from the first tooth until a child turns 18. Teeth begin to emerge when children reach the age of six months and then children begin to develop their permanent set of adult teeth around six or seven years old. If children do not receive regular dental care they can suffer from dental problems and oral diseases that can affect them throughout their adult lives. Early childhood cavities can result in rotten teeth, bleeding gums and constant pain. It can affect the health of a child and their ability to function orally.

Dentists in Collegeville offer the same type of normal dental health care that general dentists provide including comprehensive reviews of oral health and preventive care such as cleaning teeth, cavity removal and fluoride treatments. In addition, pediatric dentists are trained to provide nutrition tips that will help address issues like the use of pacifiers or the sucking of thumbs. Dentists are trained to make recommendations for orthodontic care for children that have teeth alignment problems, as well. A dentist is also the one you turn to if your child has a cracked or lost tooth cracks due to accidents or sports injuries. They also provide care for gum disease or baby problems like thrush, a yeast infection called Candida. In addition, pediatric dentists are often the first to identify health problems in children, including asthma, hay fever, sinus problems, diabetes, or hay fever.

The best advantage a Pediatric Dentistry of Collegeville can provide is their knowledge and patience with children who may be afraid to go to the dentist. They specialize in making children comfortable with the prevention of dental problems and dental care.