The Importance of Choosing Professional Local Movers in New York, NY

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Whether you are moving across town or across the country, the process can be exhausting and confusing. However, professional local movers in New York NY can make the job a lot less stressful. Experts, such as Big John’s Moving, Inc., can protect your belongings and help you stay organized by providing services that include:

  • FAIR ESTIMATES: Professionals offer fast quotes for your moving job, whether it is local or long distance. Local movers in New York, NY can provide a competitive hourly rate for their services, and a fixed rate for travel time. They also include free estimates and make it easy to contact them via their website.
  • PACKING: Moving experts will provide supplies if you choose to pack your own things. Many offer moving kits, which include the packing paper, boxes, bags, tape, and other items needed for various sized spaces. Movers will also help you to determine what size boxes you need for specific items, and will provide guidelines for safe packing. However, professionals will also pack for you. They are well trained to prepare and move anything from antiques to pianos. They protect items further by using lift gates and padding in their trucks.
  • STORAGE: When you want to store all or part of your belongings, movers provide clean, safe facilities. Experts will transport your goods to secure, climate-controlled facilities. You may choose from units of various sizes, and arrange to have easy access to your belongings. The units are pest-controlled, to prevent moth or other insect damage. They offer audio, video, and guard dog security features, as well as alarms.
  • LONG DISTANCE MOVES: local movers can also expertly handle moves to anywhere in the U.S. They carefully prepare your things for longer moves, and transport them in state-of-the-art vehicles. Quality moving companies can provide an accurate estimate of the time it will take to move your belongings. They may also offer free, limited-time storage on long distance moves.

The right moving company can take a lot of the stress out of relocation. Professionals provide fast, fair estimates for short and long-distance moves, and offer expert packing services. They also offer safe, clean storage facilities.