The Need to Get VA State Inspections in Alexandria, VA

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People need a reliable vehicle to get to work, school and medical appointments. Nobody wants to get stuck on the side of the road because the vehicle failed to operate properly. When a car breaks down, you can face serious costs to have it towed and repaired. The state of Virginia has requirements when it comes to the condition of vehicles. These requirements help to keep everyone on the road safe. You need to get VA State Inspections in Alexandria, VA legally get your car on the road and keep it there. These inspections also verify your car is in good running condition to minimize the chances of breaking down.

Certain features of your vehicle are carefully checked during certified VA State Inspections in Alexandria, VA. For example, the mechanic will make sure your brakes are in proper shape to stop the car quickly and accurately. The parking brake is also checked in case it is needed during an emergency situation. The mechanic inspects your headlights and other lights for optimum safety when it gets dark. The mechanic verifies your turn signal, steering and suspension are in working order. An inspection station also looks over your wheels, tires and rims as well as your mirrors, horn and windshield. All the glass in your vehicle is inspected to ensure it is not broken and you can see through it. Other features checked include the illumination of your rear license place, the exhaust system and your seat-belts.

Another essential aspect of the inspection is checking over the vehicle emissions. If a problem is detected, it must be fixed to pass a state inspection. Certified emissions repair may include catalytic converters and OEM products. Your car will be safe and legal so you have no worries when you get on the road. Click here to find out more about getting a local state inspection. You can even get free shuttle service within 5 miles of the station. The process is fast and done in the same day for your convenience. If there is a problem, it can be fixed so your vehicle passes inspection.