Reviews of Off-Broadway shows, Know Before You Go!

by | Jan 3, 2014 | Business

When people head to New York City for a vacation, probably one of the must-see things on their list are Broadway or Off-Broadway shows.  Many times you can get in to a show on the spur of the moment, but most times you need to reserve tickets well in advance.  If you aren’t sure which show to go to, you can read the synopsis of the show beforehand.  You can also read actual audience reviews to see what someone like you thought of the production.

Face it, how often do you read a review of a big ticket item before you buy?  You want to see what others think of the item before you jump in and spend a lot of money on something you want to last.  Same thing goes for Broadway and Off-Broadway shows.  Tickets can be in the $200+ range so you want to be sure you are attending a show that will not only entertain, but that is appropriate as well.  Reading a synopsis is one thing, but reading actual reviews from prior audience members is essential.  These are people who at one point were also in the planning process, deciding which show they wanted to see.  People providing reviews online have nothing to gain, so their responses are honest and insightful.

Looking up and providing reviews on the internet can also help a Broadway show succeed or fail.  Essentially, information tends to spread by word of mouth.  The more buzz there is about a show from people who have been to the show (and who aren’t getting paid to review it!) is critical.  If people aren’t talking about it, or are providing negative reviews, you may want to pass up that specific show.  In most cases, those who are involved with a Broadway show, such as producers, choreographers, and directors access this information and can then affect a change if need be.

In the end, the decision to see a show is yours, but isn’t it nice to have input from other sources before you go?  So do your homework, pick the Broadway or Off-Broadway show you want to see and have a great time in New York City! Visit for more information.

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