The Orthodontist in Irving Can Give You A Great New Smile

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If you have crooked teeth, chances are that you have been trying to hide your smile for a long time. If your teeth are crowded, they can push other teeth out of alignment. You could find some teeth turned almost completely sideways. It is possible that some teeth may even have grown completely outside the teeth’s arch. If you have teeth that are crowded like this, you probably find it hard to brush them properly or find it nearly impossible to clean all of the teeth’s surfaces. Overgrown teeth are much harder to floss so these teeth are more prone to developing cavities. The gums around the crowded or crooked teeth could also develop infections. It isn’t the patient’s fault that they have bad dental hygiene. Other challenges that badly developed teeth can have are poor speech and even eating issues that can cause other health problems.

The age and lifestyle of a patient will affect the orthodontist’s choice between wire braces and clear removable braces. Besides not having to face friends and co-workers, clear braces can be removed to clean and allow easier brushing of the teeth. Some patients aren’t aware that they must still wear removable clear braces when they are sleeping. The Orthodontist in Irving takes into account the embarrassment issue but the main concern they will have is their ability to straighten the patient’s teeth.

Once the Orthodontist in Irving has determined that a patient needs braces, they will schedule a visit so they can visually inspect the patient’s mouth and gums. They need to make sure that there aren’t any dental problems that have to be attended to before the patient is fitted for braces. Their assistant will take X-rays, make mouth molds and take facial pictures. This examination will also tell the Orthodontist exactly what kind of braces will be needed and the time frame that the patient can be expected to use them. Gum infections, filling of cavities, preset or extracting any teeth that need extracting will all be done before the primary braces are put in place. Wire braces will need to be adjusted on a schedule and new removable braces will need to be made as the treatment progresses. The sooner a patient gets their braces, the sooner they will have great new smile.