The Process of Grease Trap Cleaning in Cape Coral, Florida

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The health of the septic system is a key factor of the health of a home. But sometimes, things end up in the down the drain that shouldn’t be there. Most of this stuff winds up caught in the grease trap in the septic tank. Therefore, it is necessary to get the grease trapped cleaned on a regular basis. It should also be cleaned when something large and not biodegradable was flushed down the toilet.

One of the first steps in grease trap cleaning in Cape Coral, Florida is to locate the septic tank underneath the ground. This is easy if you already know where it is. This can be a little tricky if the tank is in an odd place in the yard. But you should know where your septic tank is in case any problems pop up with the tank. If you are having trouble locating the tank, then the experts at Snyder Septic & Grease Trap Services can help you locate it.

The next step is to dig up the area around the tank to locate the position of the grease trap. Unfortunately, it does mean digging up part of the yard. It does help to know the exact location of the access point is. So, you should take note of it for future cleanings. Otherwise, the entire top of the tank will have to be dug up and that means a bigger mess afterward this very necessary maintenance.

Then the service will take care of the grease trap cleaning in Cape Coral, Florida and ensure that the liquid waste can once again flow freely to the septic tank. Since the septic tank will be accessible during the process, you should keep all pets and children away from the area during the cleanup. Once the trap is cleaned, the septic tank is closed up and sealed. Then the ground is replaced.

A clogged grease trap can lead to trouble for your home. Thus, it is important to get it cleaned on a regular basis to prevent it from clogging and backing up waste into your home. Proper drainage is essential for every septic tank.