The Pros and Cons of Automatic Oil Deliveries In Mystic, CT

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Heating bills always rise during the winter months. Colder temperatures require more heat, and therefore usage jumps. There seems to be a debate about which fuel is better, heating oil or propane. Both fuels are used by residents in states with longer winters. Is heating oil or propane the better residential fuel?

There are pros and cons using either fuel. Oil is a thick, smelly liquid, and propane is only liquid when it is stored under pressure. Oil gives off a smell, and that lets the homeowner know if oil is leaking. Propane, has an additive, that also gives off a smell. An oil leak has to be cleaned up, while leaking propane dissipates in the air. Meanwhile, oil appliances tend to last longer. On the other hand, someone could end up with an old oil appliance, that is not working very efficiently. The lack of efficiency should be weighed against the cost of buying a new gas furnace. There are plenty of companies that deliver oil and propane. Anderson Oil Company makes automatic propane, and Automatic Oil Deliveries in Mystic, CT. Currently, it is more expensive to heat a home with propane. However, prices vary greatly from place to place. Fuel efficiency impacts fuel costs in the long run. Oil produces more heat per gallon of fuel, but propane is more fuel efficient.

Most homes get Automatic Oil Deliveries in Mystic, CT, because most home in the northeast have oil boilers. Many newer homes are switching to natural gases, such as propane. It may not be cost effective for homeowners to switch to gas furnaces. However, propane furnaces integrate more easily with existing heating and cooling systems. There is very little difference between oil and propane systems, when it comes to maintenance. Oil furnaces require slightly more maintenance, because oil can stain or carry impurities. Meanwhile, propane gas is more of a safety issue, because there is a slight risk of explosions. Finally, propane is one of the cleanest burning heating fuels, while heating oil produces toxins that require heavy ventilation. The homeowner should study all the factors, and then determine the best fuel for the home.

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