Use of Heating Oil by Residents in Norwich, CT, and Throughout New England

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While the use of heating oil in Norwich, CT, and other New England locations continues to decline, there are still many homes and businesses that are heated with heating oil in New England.

According to the United States Energy Information Administration, New England residents use 82 percent of all the heating oil burned in the United States. Residents in the South consume 7 percent. Those in the Midwest burn 5 percent, and those in the West burn 2 percent. In all, approximately 3.8 billion gallons are burned each year.

More heating oil is used in New York than in any other state. Pennsylvania, Maine, and Massachusetts follow that. Residents in Connecticut use the fourth most heating oil.

If Norwich is like the average home in Connecticut, then approximately 13,350 households are heated with heating oil. Each of those homes burns between 0.8 and 1.7 gallons per hour. Generally, one-and-two bedroom homes have a 300-gallon tank while those with five-or-six bedrooms have a 500-gallon tank.

Many different factors determine the amount of heating oil in Norwich, CT, that you may use. The outside temperature, how long your furnace runs, the energy-efficiency of your home, and the size and condition of your furnace. The size of the nozzle on your furnace can have a considerable impact. If your furnace is approaching 20 years old, then there are newer alternatives that are up to 25 percent more efficient. These options may pay for themselves throughout a couple of winters.

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