Find the Best Transportation Company for Heating Oil in Mystic, CT

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Arguably one of the most used components in energy sources today is heating oil. This liquid petroleum product has a low viscosity, meaning the product is thin and flows more easily. Often, this liquid is used to heat residences using gas oil or kerosene. Gas oil is often dyed red to make it more easily identifiable and is heavier than kerosene. Typically, gas oil is used in old boilers or commercial businesses. Kerosene is much lighter and cleaner; however, kerosene is used by residents in the United Kingdom instead of the United States.

For transportation of Heating Oil in Mystic CT, contact an oil company like Andersen. This company provides safe, prompt, and professional oil delivery services for both residential oil and commercial oil. Residential oil includes oil that heats home, fuel oil furnaces, and dyed kerosene. Commercial oil includes dyed kerosene and an ultra low sulfur diesel fuel. Residential oil services include dyed kerosene and an automatic local delivery service. Commercial businesses can have their oil delivered straight to their doorsteps. Andersen Oil Company even delivers heating oil if company needs it within 24 hours. These emergency services are available for customers in need. When a residence or business chooses this oil company, they can call the contact number for a free quote and price estimate.

This company offers three different oil delivery prices including Price Cap, Prepaid Fixed Price, and Automatic Delivery. Price Cap protects customers from rising oil prices for 10 months out of the year. If the posted price is below the cap price, the customer is only responsible for the lower price of the two. The Prepaid Fixed Price option locks in the prices per gallon for the contract’s term. With this option, customers have a fixed price regardless of fluctuations in the oil market. The Automatic Delivery option uses a certain system that is driven by the temperature to determine when a customer needs an oil delivery. These deliveries arrive when the customer’s tank is between a quarter full and a half full to ensure that the customer does not run out of oil. Call this company today to see how they can help deliver heating oil to one’s business or residence or click to find out more.