The Reasons For Basement Waterproofing in Harrisburg

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Water intrusion is the bane of basements everywhere. But in order to get the most use out of the system, the basement needs to be adequately waterproofed. A concrete foundation alone won’t prevent the water from coming in. Concrete is a porous material and can let water seep into the basement. Thus, it is important to get your basement waterproofed to stop these things from happening.

One of the biggest issues of that occurs when a basement is improperly waterproofed is the growth of mold. The continuous moisture in a basement along with anything placed against the basement walls will become a breeding ground for mold. You may not discover it until it has become a big issue and that can add on additional costs of cleanup. Thus, it is necessary to get Basement Waterproofing in Harrisburg before mold becomes an issue.

Another issue that comes from moisture in the basement is water damage to anything stored in the basement. Since the humidity levels in the basement remain high due to the seeping in water, nothing in the basement will dry out completely. The constant exposure to water will eventually cause things to deteriorate. This means that anything you store down in the basement can become damaged and be unusable when it is needed. This can add up in replacement costs.

The deterioration of the foundation is another reason to get your Basement Waterproofing in Harrisburg done. Over time, the water in the concrete can deteriorate the foundation. Water is very susceptible to weather changes. As water freezes, it expands in the cracks and makes them worse. This can lead to major foundation issues and major costs. It is far cheaper to deal with the waterproofing than it is to try and fix the foundation.

Getting your basement waterproofed is essential to ensuring your home is a watertight place. If you have already had problems with water intrusion in your basement, you need to call Keystone Foundation Repair Inc. before the problems get worse. Ignoring the water in your basement will ultimately cost you more money in the long run.