Video Game Racing Seats Help Gaming’s Speed Demons Become Immersed

by | Feb 4, 2014 | Arts and Entertainment

Games are serious business. Fans of shooters, sports games, and strategy titles, in particular, are likely to love the red-knuckled, no-holds-barred competition that games of these sorts can offer. Advancing players quickly discover that human opponents are inevitably more satisfying to play against than computer-controlled ones, and seek out such adversaries for the entertainment and challenge they can provide. Such serious, focused players often look to do whatever they can to enhance these intense experiences further, such as by buying video game racing seats.

Those who focus on video game racing simulations, in fact, are among the most dedicated and focused players. Consumer-grade racing video games have been used by professional NASCAR and F1 drivers as aids in learning particular track layouts, and the top teams in most such competitions maintain high-tech simulators which bear more than a passing resemblance to these games.

Every serious racing game fan, then, seeks to get find a wheel and pedals with which to control his favorite games. Once suitable peripherals of this sort have been acquired, the question becomes one of where to mount them. Video game racing seats provide the perfect answer, giving virtual racers purpose-specific furniture that does not compromise in any way.

Most such seats will stand out immediately to even untrained observers because of the mounting points they provide. A typical racing seat will have an integrated foot rest which is designed to support a set of racing pedals, and these can normally be adjusted so as to accommodate racers of various heights. An equally important shelf is provided to mount the racer’s steering wheel to, as well, and these normally have a similar range of adjustability. In many cases, a hinge on the arm supporting this shelf allows the wheel to be swung out of the way, so that the racer can easily enter and exit the seat.

Although these are the essential requirements for a good seat, many take things further, offering built-in audio or rumble systems that can make racing games even more immersive. Such seats naturally tend to appear more toward the high end of the quality scale, but many video game racing fans find these additions to be easily worth their prices.

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