The Social Security Disability Attorney in Fort Worth, TX Will Be a Good Source of Help

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If you are disabled and cannot work, then you are most likely eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. However, being eligible for the benefits and collecting them are often two different events. You have probably been denied benefits when you filed the first time and probably the second time also.

Ideally, a person preparing to file for Social Security Disability Benefits should contact an attorney experienced in the process so they can get the first application right. This rarely happens so when the second denial of benefits is rendered, it is necessary to contact a Social Security Disability attorney in Fort Worth, TX who is a good source for advice.

You will need an attorney to file an appeal for you since this is the next step. The social security disability attorney in Fort Worth TXcan recommend an experienced attorney to begin the process of filing your appeal. The attorney will need to collect all of your medical records including medical records that will discuss your prognosis. The attorney will review records of the incident that resulted in your disability. He will collect X-rays, CT Scans, MRIs and any lab reports useful to your case.

Very often, a disability attorney can read these records and the reports resulting from radiology exams. If he needs to retain a consultant to assist in reading and interpreting the reports, he will have a number of experienced consultants available who understand what the Hearing Judge will be looking for.

The Hearing is not intimidating and it is held in a conference room environment which makes it far less threatening than a court room would be. The Administrative Law Judge does not wear a robe and he sets at your level. The Judge has only a need to hear all of the evidence and not put you on trial. Your attorney will be able to make you feel comfortable and secure. Your attorney will be prepared, and 80 percent of the cases taken to appeal are won by the applicant.

It is important for you to comply with any request made by social security if your attorney approves it. Often, Social Security will ask you to see their doctor for a second opinion. Failing to see a doctor you have been asked to see is almost certain to doom your claim.