Some Options in Braces in Gilbert, AZ

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If you have been struggling with the appearance of your smile for years or if you are a parent with a child who needs teeth straightening help, you are probably wondering about the different options in braces in Gilbert, AZ. The choices that will be available to you are really dependent upon your individual situation and how severe the misalignment of the teeth really is. You need to speak with your family dentist about what your goals are and what kind of braces options you will have in your circumstances. This article will talk about the most common braces types used by family and cosmetic dentists today.

Traditional metal braces are probably those which most of us most closely associate with teeth straightening and they are still some of the most commonly used teeth straightening solutions. Metal braces are capable of straightening the teeth in nearly any situation even when teeth are very severely misaligned. The braces are regularly adjusted, and each adjustment will help to gradually move the teeth into a proper position. Once traditional metal braces in Gilbert, AZ are removed, the dentist or orthodontist will typically outfit the patient with custom retainers. The retainers are pop in devices that hold the teeth into their newly straight position and may be worn most of the time, at least initially. Some patients will continue to wear retainers at night for longer to insure teeth don’t move out of position again.

Some family and cosmetic dentists also offer plastic braces in Gilbert, AZ. These are designed for the patients who want the effects of braces without having the “mouth of metal” appearance that some people associate with metal braces. Clear braces work very much the same as metal braces, gradually straightening the teeth. The plastic is very tough but is not as durable as metal, so speak with your dentist about which works best for you.

Another popular option in braces in Gilbert, AZ today is Invisalign. These are also known as clear braces and are very different than metal braces since the Invisalign is actually a device that fits over all the teeth rather than metal brackets that go on each tooth like metal or plastic braces are. The Invisalign is custom made for each client depending on their teeth positioning and it can effectively straighten but is not meant for the most severe cases of misaligned teeth.