The Uses of a Construction Excavator

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Are you in the construction industry? Do you work for a builder or own your own building and construction firm? Do you operate this business in the Baltimore, Maryland area? If so, you may need the services of an agency where you can get an Excavator Rental in Baltimore, MD. Slaymaker Rental & Supply Co. wants to tell you about the many things you can do with an excavator.

Being in the industry, you probably already know that an excavator is most commonly used to dig trenches and holes or the demolition of old buildings. An excavator has multi-purpose uses. They can be used in heavy lifting and placement of pipes and in mining. These machines are designed with attachments for many sizes and kinds of buckets to fit the application of many kinds of jobs. When an excavator is customized, either the bucket is changed or a hydraulic attachment is added. Some examples of hydraulic attachments are breakers, augers or grapples. A device called a large thumb can be added and used to allow the excavator to grip large objects and move them about.

You must be thoroughly trained to operate an excavator properly, and the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools is available to train people in the operation of heavy equipment like bulldozers, front end loaders and excavators. They have set aside a specialized excavator training school to instruct students in the controls, understanding of the safety aspects and the proper uses of the massive excavators.

The Slaymaker Rental & Supply Co. rents excavators for your use. As well, they also rent backhoes, cranes, lifts, generators, loaders, telehandlers, woodchippers, portable air compressors, trailers and other equipment. They also offer parts and support for brand names like JLG, Barreto, Makica, Skytrak and others. Slaymaker also is a supplier of electric motors and the support of electric motors. They sell and repair pumps, converters, generators, and other devices with gears and motors. They have another division that custom manufactures control panels for all industries. For an Excavator Rental in Baltimore, MD, contact the Slaymaker Rental & Supply Co. at their location in Baltimore,