Understanding Child Support in Douglasville GA

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The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) has concluded that 41 percent of all first marriages eventually end in divorce. It has also been concluded that this number goes up to 60 percent for second marriages and 73 percent for third marriages. Most single parents in the United States are going to have a basic understanding of what Child Support in Douglasville GA is. Unless a parent has had their parental rights terminated they are required by law to make a financial contribution to the upbringing of any of their children.

Child support is defined as a financial obligation that a parent has to their child until they reach maturity. If you are the parent with custody of your child then it is assumed that you are going to fulfill those financial obligations on your own. If you do not have custody of the child, the court may assume that you are not helping with the financial obligations. If that assumption is made the court may decide that an order needs to be passed to require you to make support payments to the parent with custody.

If a court decides that you have to pay Child Support in Douglasville GA you will be required to pay it until your child reaches maturity. This usually happens when a child turns 18. This is, of course, unless the child goes to college then you would still be financially responsible for them until they graduate or turn a certain age which varies from one state to the next. If your child happens to have special needs it is very likely that you could be paying child support for the rest of your life.

If you are not interested in paying child support you would need to contact a law firm such as Website Domain to see what you can do about terminating your parental rights. You just have to be sure that is what you really want to do. Once you sign away the rights of your child the other parent would have no legal obligation to allow the child to see you or get to know you.