Things to Consider When Looking for Veterinary Ophthalmology in Oregon

Your pet often becomes a part of the family, and just like a child, you’re responsible for his or her well-being. This includes making sure that he or she has access to the best medical care. Regardless of where you live, you’ll most likely have a choice of various veterinarians. Use the following criteria to select the best one.

Use a Board Certified Veterinarian
The veterinarian of your choice should be board certified. Board certification is an indication that you’re dealing with an expert in the field of veterinary. Just to get board certified, a veterinarian has to pass various exams, and meet strict requirements pertaining to training and education. You can just inquire whether the vet of your choice is board certified, or you might be able to find it out through the veterinarian’s website. The veterinary specialists at WestVet, for instance, are all board certified. To find out more about them, just browse their website

Find Out About the Veterinary Services
You want to make sure that the veterinary practice offers the services that you’re seeking. For instance, if you live in Oregon, and your pet is suffering from eye problems, you want to make sure that the clinic has a veterinary ophthalmologist on staff. There are various practices that offer Veterinary Ophthalmology in Oregon, just make sure you’re dealing with a board certified specialist. Veterinary Ophthalmology in Oregon consists of services, such as cataract surgery, glaucoma treatment, cryosurgery, and the treatment of viral infections.

Appointment Policy and Emergencies
When considering a veterinary hospital or clinic, inquire about their appointment policy. Many vets require that you make an appointment. However, often when an emergency occurs, they will allow walk-ins. Check the hours of operation of the veterinarian’s office. Ideally, the practice you’re considering is open 24 hours a day, and always has access to board certified specialist. Also, if there are multiple vets on staff, you might not have to wait long in the waiting area before it’s your turn.

In addition to the veterinarian’s expertise, the appointment policy, and the offered services, the cost of treatment also matters when choosing a veterinarian. Many facilities accept multiple forms of payment, and some even offer in-house financing. The latter is ideal, especially if you’re face with an unforeseen emergency. The cost of the treatment shouldn’t have to hold you back from seeking the best possible care for your pet. Visit for more information.