Three Fantasy Daggers Features That Show They’re The Best Daggers in the US

Blades and daggers are easily one of the most collectible items. They come in all shapes and sizes including switchblades, tactical knives, and long swords as well. However, perhaps the most collectible types are fantasy daggers. To get a sense of why they are so unique, let’s take a look at three of their most amazing features.

Artistic Handles
The handles on a fantasy dagger are perhaps their most noticeable features. Depending on the characteristics of the dagger, the handle can have a design anywhere from animal prints to a tactical military-style design. Even better, the size of the handle can be fitted to abnormal lengths. This is a feature not found in regular daggers, as their handles are designated to the tail-end of the design.

Curvier Blades
Regular daggers typically come with straight blades. They mostly don’t get any more exciting than a double-edged design. On the other hand, fantasy blades are known for being pointy and curvy. In combination with this design, the blade on these daggers can also come with jagged edges spirals.

Blade Artwork
Another unique feature regarding the blade is the artwork. Fantasy blades have also shown to come in a variety of crazy designs. This can include designs such as flames, bright colors, or anything else that falls within the fantasy category.

Blade City Fantasy Daggers
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