Three Reasons to Move Out of the Dorm in Fayetteville, AR

by | Jun 10, 2022 | Student Housing Center

If you are a college student studying away from home, you are probably faced with the choice of where you are going to live next semester. Living in the dorm does offer some comforts, but it’s a much better idea to move into one of the student apartments in Fayetteville, AR. If you are on the fence about taking this step, here are some reasons you should do it.

1. Privacy – The one thing you gain when you live in the dorms is independence. You won’t have very much privacy, thanks to the fact that you share a small dorm room with another person and a bathroom with ten or more people. If you want more privacy so you can study and relax more effectively, consider moving into one of the student apartments in Fayetteville, AR.

2. Cost – Conventional wisdom may tell you that living in the dorm is cheaper than moving off of campus. Have you considered the fact that the dorm forces you to pay for an expensive meal plan in most cases? Have you also considered that the room costs are actually higher in some instances, especially when you consider the square footage?

3. Studying – You need space and time to study. After all, this is the main reason you are going to college. An apartment gives you more of this than a dorm ever can, so you can get your degree with a great GPA.

If you are considering moving to an off-campus apartment, take a look at Alight Fayetteville.

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