Choosing Apartments Near the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs

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Deciding to move into apartments off campus involves significant responsibility. To make the experience a more pleasant one, you will want to sit down and carefully consider the following tips for finding apartments near the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs.

Thoroughly Investigate the Neighborhood

Unlike campus, where most student living has the same safety levels and noise, venturing out into the surrounding neighborhoods will expose you to a variety of choices. Always make sure that the neighborhood you want will fit in with the type of life you want to have. Tour the block of any potential apartment building and be sure it is what you want to deal with for the next year.

Establish Standards for Your Roommates

Although getting along with a roommate is definitely something you should keep in mind, you should also consider other criteria in order to make sure you have the best match. Do your work schedules conflict? Are both of you okay with your smoking or alcohol use? What are your views on parties? You should also have a serious discussion about finances, budgets, and health concerns.

Create a Realistic Budget

When you live on campus, you do not have to worry about utilities. But once you decide to live off-campus, you’ll have to decide whether you can afford an apartment that does not include utilities. Some apartments will include utilities in the rent, while others make utilities your responsibility. While you should plan for recreational activities, also plan for heating, trash, water, internet, electricity, and gas bills.

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