Tips for Maintaining a Water Heater in Westchester NY

by | Apr 29, 2014 | Plumbing and Plumbers

Have the Tank Flushed Annually

Over time, all sorts of residue can collect in the tank. This is especially true if the water supply tends to be loaded with a lot of minerals. Unless the tank is flushed from time to time, the buildup will begin to interfere with the heating process. That means more energy consumption in order to heat the water properly. This strategy will add years of life to the unit, allowing the homeowner to get more returns from the original purchase of that heater.

Don’t Forget the Vent

A gas water heater in Westchester NY includes a venting system that helps to remove gases from the home safely. With many models, the vent is located along the top of the tank.
The typical homeowner expects his or her water heater in Westchester to provide a steady flow of hot water daily. In order to make sure the unit does function efficiently, it pays to devote a little time to maintaining the heater. Here are some tips that will help with the process.

Conduct a Periodic Inspection of the Heater’s Exterior

This involves nothing more than taking a look at the outside of the water heater. Be on the lookout for any dents in the surface of the tank, or any leaks around the valves or connections. If anything seems amiss, call a plumber immediately and have the heater checked for damage or possibly worn parts that require replacing.

Make sure the vent is not blocked and test the flow while the heater is actively warming the tank of water. If the flow of air through the vent seems to be unimpeded, then the system is working properly. When the vent does not seem to be working for any reason, call a professional without delay. Proper water heater maintenance helps to ensure that the device will provide excellent service for many years.

It also helps to reduce the costs of operation by making sure the heater functions with the lowest amount of energy consumption. The great thing is that checking the heater is not a difficult process and won’t take a lot of time. When compared to the benefits that come along with keeping the unit in good shape, that investment of time is certainly a good idea. Calling Cassidy Plumbing and arranging for a tank flush at least once a year will pay off in a big way. Visit website for more information.

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