Types of Customer Service Jobs You Can Do at Home

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Working from home is a dream for many people. The Internet seems full of scammers who just want to make a quick buck or mine personal information from applicants, but there are legitimate opportunities for those who know how to research and pick out the handful of real work from home job companies. Customer service is a field that many companies have started to outsource to work from home independent contractors. Hiring for customer service jobs from home saves the company money and provides the opportunity to give customers 24/7 customer service, if desired. If you have any sort of customer service experience, you could qualify to land a work from home position with numerous companies.

Customer Service Phone Work

If you enjoy phone work, then customer service phone jobs may be right for you. Many companies will use at-home employees to answer customer phone calls. You answer questions, handle complaints, and sometimes process orders. In some cases, the company uses you as an outbound caller to gauge a customer’s experience with the store or product purchased. There’s no selling involved with customer service jobs from home, so it’s perfect for someone who enjoys phone work but not sales.

Email and Social Media Reps

Hiring customer service reps for email and social media is on the rise. This type of job has you answering emails from customers and providing follow-up emails to insure that the problem was handled correctly. In some cases, you will sign onto the company’s website and offer live chat services to customers currently using the website. One of the easier customer service jobs from home is social media. With many large companies having a presence on Twitter and Facebook, customers are taking to social media to complain, ask questions, and give compliments. It’s your job to keep track of a social media site and respond appropriately to customers.

When you work from home, you’re often free to set your own schedule. The company may have shifts that you choose, but you’re often allowed to switch up the hours you work so that your work schedule is convenient for you. Each company has its own requirements for hiring, but most people who can prove past customer service experience or competence in handling customer service tasks will qualify for these types of positions.

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