What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

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As the word cosmetic implies this aspect of dentistry refers strictly to forms of dentistry which improve only the appearance and not the function of the teeth. As any dentist will tell you functional dental work includes considering the health of the gums and the alignment of the bite. In practice cosmetic dental work and purely functional dental work and appearance are rarely, (if ever), mutually exclusive.

What can cosmetic dentistry involve?

Overall the most common cosmetic Findlay, OH procedures is to whiten or bleach the teeth to remove unsightly discoloration. Whilst it is true that many over the counter products are available, there is no substitute for fully supervised whitening treatment from a qualified practitioner. Usually, a whole set of healthy adult teeth can be polished and whitened in one visit. It must be stressed that removing discoloration which is a result of poor dental hygiene would not be considered cosmetic.

Other examples would include reshaping, straightening or sculpting the teeth, which may involve some orthodontic work would also qualify as cosmetic dentistry, if there was no medical reason for having the procedure. Straightening the teeth to remove a lisp would fall into this category. Straightening the teeth to reconfigure the jaw or remove infected wisdom teeth would not.

Bite Reclamation

One of the symptoms of excessive anxiety (of course this depends on the source of the symptoms), is the excessive grinding of the teeth. An individual may reasonably be expected (with the correct therapy) to train his or her self to stop teeth grinding whilst they are awake. Obviously, as we sleep this voluntary action becomes involuntary and so depending on the severity of the symptoms the teeth can be ground down such that the entire shape of the persons face can change. This results in relatively minor symptoms such as unwanted wrinkles in the face, principally under the eyes and corners of the mouth. In severe cases the entire face can become shorter and / or lopsided, making smiling impossible. More alarming symptoms include wearing down the enamel so that the underlying structure of the tooth is exposed or the teeth may not actually bite down properly, making eating almost impossible. Here bite reclamation treatment changes the dimensions of the face and removes all of these symptoms. Visit Website.