Tips for Nervous Homeowners: Sensible Bee Control in San Diego

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Bees play an important role in nature. Honeybees pollinate 80 percent of the crops humans consume. Without them, the human race would be unable to survive. But that does not mean people necessarily want to share their yard or home with the stinging insects. For people with bee allergies, an infestation of their property can have serious repercussions for their health. Here are some tips for making your home and yard a little less appealing to bees.

Avoid Gardening

If you want to limit the number of bees around your yard, limit their pollination options. Avoid having flower or vegetable gardens on your property. If this seems harsh, move your gardens to the edges of your property, away from your home, patio and play areas. While this is not a foolproof plan (bees will travel up to two miles from their hive), it will cut down on some bee traffic in the most heavily utilized areas.

Keep Them Out

Prevent bees, wasps and other insects from turning your home into their own by making it difficult for them to build a nest. Make certain all gaps and crevices are closed up, have the chimney cleaned by a professional and remove any old nests around the property which may encourage new visitors.

Stay Calm

First, if you are not allergic to bees and the colony near your home is a honeybee colony, it may be possible to leave it alone and live harmoniously side by side. Honeybees are typically non-aggressive and their efforts will improve your vegetable and flower gardens. If you are concerned about what exactly those buzzing insects are, contact someone who specializes in Bee Control service in San Diego to properly identify the species.

It is impossible to eliminate every bee or potential for bee infestation on any property. The key to living safely with them is to use caution and know when to call for help. Attempting to remove a nest or clear out an infested wall by yourself can be dangerous, even deadly. For your own safety and the safety of everyone near you, contact a company that specializes in Bee Control in San Diego, like Bee Best Bee Removal Inc.