Tips for Addressing Wedding Invitation Envelopes

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While you may not think twice about your wedding invitation envelopes, there are some helpful hints that will make the process easy and efficient. While you can choose to hire a professional calligrapher to address your invitations, this is not required. There are many couples on a budget that simply ask family members or friends with pretty handwriting for help with the addressing.

However, the handwriting is not the most important element when addressing your wedding invitation envelopes. The fact that it is hand-written and not generated by your computer is the first element to ensure you implement. Your wedding is an extremely personal experience, which means that you need to personally address the invitations you send out. This will make guests have the perception that they are receiving something special and unique.

Since you will be hand addressing each of the envelopes for your silk wedding invitations cards and thank you cards you should set aside, at minimum, a week for the preparation process. It is important that you do not have to hurry and that you purchase the proper supplies to get the job done. You can purchase archival gel ink pens, which won’t smear, are able to dry quickly and feature a clean tip for quality writing. The most popular color is black due to its legibility. It is important that you never use a ballpoint pen for addressing your wedding invitation envelopes.

The actual addressing process will begin when you create your guest list, and should be done with addresses that have all been checked for any changes, as well as any misspellings. You should also ensure you know how significant others or spouses prefer to be addressed.

Prior to starting with one of your actual wedding invitation envelopes, try out the pens. Sit at a stable table and use a magazine beneath the paper as a solid foundation.

Some other tips to help you with the process of addressing your wedding envelopes include:

  •     Only use the guest’s home address
  •     Use the appropriate title for guests
  •     Use appropriate titles for medical doctors
  •     Send separate invitations to guests that are over 18 and that still live with their parents

Using these tips you can ensure you address your wedding invitations in the proper way, according to traditional etiquette. With the information here you can feel confident that your wedding invitations will look great and be appreciated by the recipient due to the time and effort you put into them.